Play Craps Online for Real Money or Free

Craps is a betting dice game considered the most ancient gambling representative within the walls of today’s casinos. A player has to predict the outcomes of a 2-dice roll and bet on it. Looking simple at first sight, Craps is a game with many details, little complications, and slang terms. We will look into all that in our article. In addition, we will talk about where and how to play online Craps for real money or for free.

Our guide is for beginner Craps players and best suited for those who have never played the game in their lives. We are not going to touch upon more advanced techniques like Buy or Lay.

Online Craps is a virtual copy of the game played at a land-based casino, with every piece of the equipment — the layout, casino chips (aka tokens or plaques), dice, on/off puck  — brought from the physical world to our devices and our homes.

The rules are the same. The only difference is that when you are playing online Craps, there is no need for a shooter at the table. So, during an online gaming session, Random Numbers Generators — computerized algorithms — determine the outcomes of a dice roll instead of a shooter’s hand. If you play at a legitimate, reputable online casino, you don’t have to worry about the randomness of the game outcomes. They will be as unpredictable as a throw of a person you see for the first time in your life.

Promotions and bonuses

Best Craps Games Online

We have searched and noticed that not every online casino has Craps games in their collection. Here are some of the best Australian online casinos where you can play Craps for free or for real money:

  • Casino Chan;
  • Woo online casino;
  • Rocket online casino;
  • Play Amo casino;
  • Lucky Tiger online casino;
  • Bit Dice online casino (also Live Dealer Craps from Evolution Gaming is available);
  • Bizzo online casino;
  • Leo Vegas online casino — Video Craps + Live Dealer Craps by Evolution Gaming.

These online casinos offer gamblers a chance to play Craps online for free in the trial demo mode or for real money — if they agree to create and verify a new account and make a real-money deposit.

Various options await those who don’t look for real-money games and love playing on their mobile devices. Gamblers playing for fun can download free mobile applications and play Craps on the go. The most popular free mobile apps for playing online Craps are:

  • Vegas Craps – the best 3D Craps;
  • Craps – Casino style;
  • Craps Trainer and Craps Trainer Pro;
  • Craps Live casino;
  • Craps – Casino Dice Game;
  • Super Craps;
  • Roll Dice – Top Las Vegas casino Craps games.

Plus, you can play online Craps game simulations at various themed websites. You might often find a beginner guide and some gambling tips there as well. When there’s a will, there’s a way, as we all know.

Playing Craps online for free is one of the best ways to learn a new casino game and its rules. If you are into virtual real-money gambling and know how to play online responsibly, you might sign up with a real money online casino to enjoy this online table game. Who knows, maybe your next step will be shooting dice at the noisiest, most fun table on the casino floor somewhere in Vegas?

How to Play Free Craps?

After you have chosen a platform to play Craps online for free or for real money, it’s time to get through some basics.

No matter where you play — at a land-based casino or by your computer — you will play Craps on a board with a special layout table. You will also need a pair of dice and casino chips to place bets.

On the Craps board, there is always an ‘On/Off’ puck: it shows whether the game is in session or not. It is especially useful at a land-based casino as players may pass by a Craps table and want to join in the middle of a round. Approaching a table, look for the puck (it will be somewhere in the upper part of the layout) to know when to enter the game. When the puck shows the ‘Off’ side, you can exchange your money for chips from the Dealer and begin playing.

The Craps layout table easily scares off new players as it looks confusing and overwhelming. It consists of 2 identical side sections and a center section. Sometimes, at online casinos, only one side section might be displayed. It happens because a player needs and uses one of those sides: they will place their bets on the side of the layout by which they are standing.

Study the Craps Layout Table and different kinds of bets the game offers before starting to play for real money. Free Craps online is a perfect way to get started there.

And, of course, an offline or online Craps game can’t be played without a pair of dice: the numbers you will be dealing with are from 2 to 12.

All the payouts and winning odds of the Craps bets are built around the ways the dice numbers can be landed. For example, you can roll 2 with 1 + 1, 6 — with 1+5, 2+4, 3+3, 9 — with 3 + 6 and 4 + 5, etc.

Keep reading to find out how Craps bets work, how much they pay out, and what all those boxes in the Layout Table mean.

What is a Come-Out Roll?

There are 2 parts to a Craps game: a come-out roll (the very first roll of the game round) and a point roll. Note that the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets must be placed before a shooter rolls a come-out roll.

A note for those who play at a land-based casino: shooters change their turns clockwise around the table, and everyone gets to play a shooter’s part at some point.

Craps Bets and Game Strategy

When you first play Craps online or at a land-based casino, you are likely to be confused by the look of the Craps board and the not-so-clear terms on it. The best solution to this problem is simple — learning about Craps bets before you play the game. Then, the board will not look scary, and you can get straight into the fun process.

Pass Line Bet

On the come-out roll, you will win a Pass Line bet with 7 and 11 points (the outcome also called Natural) and lose if you get 2, 3, and 12 (the results known as ‘craps’). If any other number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) plays out, it gets established as a ‘point’. The ‘On’ puck will be moved onto this number in the upper part of the Layout table, and from that moment on, the goal of the game will be to roll one of the ‘point’ numbers. If the ‘point’ value rolls before another 7, this bet wins. After a ‘point’ is established, 7 becomes a losing number. That’s why, when a ‘point’ has been chosen, only 2 numbers matter: the ‘point’ number after which the Dealer will pay you (the winning number) and 7 — when you will lose.

When you shoot the point number, the puck goes ‘Off’, and a new Craps game begins. If another point number rolls, the puck is removed to its box, and shooting continues until either 7 (you lose) or the new ‘point’ (you win) comes up.

Pass Line is the most basic bet, and, what is important to note, it is a contract bet (in contrast to all the other Craps bets that you see on the table: you can change any of them). Once you have put it, you can’t remove it until the game round is over.

Don’t Pass Line

The Don’t Pass Line bets play out in the opposite way to the Pass Line bets in Craps.

At the come-out roll, 7 and 11 become losing numbers; 2 and 3 will be the winner rolls.

After a ‘point’ (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) is established, the puck will mark the number, which will be the result for you to avoid. Your goal will be hunting a 7 down (while, during the Pass Line bet, 7 is the number to steer clear of).

Besides, 12 is the ‘bar/tie’ — the result that brings the casino its House Edge — you will lose when 12 rolls on the Don’t Pass Line bet.

The player keeps betting until a 7 comes up or the bet is lost. Then a new game starts.

Come and Don’t Come

You can make Come/Don’t Come bets in the middle of a game round. They can be viewed as individual Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line bets for one player.

The same rules that the Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line bets work by will apply to the Come/Don’t Come options.

During a Come bet, 7 and 11 are the winners, and any of the ‘craps’ numbers (2, 3, 12) is a loser. If any other number rolls, it becomes a ‘point’, and the chip moves from the ‘Come’ field to the number box in the upper part of the layout to mark the point number. The chip will stay there until it wins or a 7 comes up (the bet will lose).

You can place a Come/Don’t Come bet when the Pass/Don’t Pass games are already going, and you will be playing 2 games at the same time.

The Odds bet

The Odds bets are the most mysterious Craps bets.

First, they aren’t marked on the layout: they are invisible to those who don’t know about them. Gamblers place the Odds bet onto the free space below the Pass Line.

Second, it is the only bet whose House Edge is 0% — the rarest thing you’ll see on a casino floor. The 0% House Edge doesn’t mean that you have better chances of hitting this bet, though. It just says that when you win with this bet, the casino will pay you out fairly as opposed to any other gambling game.

So, with the Odds bet at Craps:

  • 6 and 8 will pay out 6:5 — exactly like the true odds suggest: there are 5 ways to roll a 6 and an 8 and 6 ways to roll a 7;
  • 5 and 8 will pay out 3:2 — following the same logic;
  • and the payout for 4 and 10 will be 2:1.

Placing the Odds bets is one of the ways to improve your play, so why not use the chance?

The bet is placed together with the Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line and Come / Don’t Come bets and it follows the same principles: you will win with a point number after it has been established and lose with 7 (Pass / Come bets), or you will win with a 7 and lose with a point number (Don’t Pass / Don’t Come).

Field Bets

These bets have a 5.26% House Edge, which is still much better than many other casino games can offer. Some casinos will even reduce it by paying triples for 2 and 12 rolls instead of just doubling it (these numbers are encircled, as you can see — the circles mean that they will pay out double).

If you place a Field bet and one of the ‘field’ numbers — 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12 — comes up, you win. 5, 6, 7, and 8 are missing from the field, and they are actually the most common numbers that roll. So, you will lose the Field bet if any of them pop up.

Place bets

The essence of the Place bets in Craps is choosing a number from the boxes on top — 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 — and betting on it.

6 and 8 are the most frequently rolled numbers out of them, with 5 and 9 also considered a good choice.

  • 6 and 8: the odds to hit them are 6 to 5, the payouts = 7 to 6; House Edge = 1.52%;
  • 5 and 9: the odds to hit them are 3 to 2, the payouts = 7 to 5; House Edge = 4%;
  • 4 and 10: the odds to hit them are 2 to 1, the payouts = 9 to 5; House Edge = 6.7%.

Proposition bets

Proposition bets in Craps are the poorest bets in terms of the House Edge: they pay out much less than they should, according to the true winning odds. These are the bets on a specific dice result: 6, 8, 10, 4 or 3, 2, 12, 11. The bets are placed inside a separate table where all these dice rolls are marked.

The encircled letter ‘E’ and ‘C’ next to the table are the bets on 11 (‘E’) or all the craps numbers (‘C’), respectively. If you choose one of those bets, you will win when 11 or one of the craps numbers roll.

The payouts are extremely high: 31 to 1 when you roll a 12 (6 + 6), or 16 to 1 when 11 (5 + 6) comes up. However, the chances of getting such a result are extremely low: these bets are a long shot.

Proposition bets are surely fun and exciting. Every gambler should decide whether they are worth it or not: it will depend on what the person expects from the online Craps game and how much money they can spend on the gambling thrill.

Tips for Playing Craps

Each dice roll is an independent event from a statistical point of view. That is why there is no mathematically approved (or approved by something else) long-term strategy that will ensure a higher probability of winnings. This law doesn’t depend on where you play: you might be playing your favorite table games somewhere in Vegas or Craps online.

Learn the rules

We have already said it before: Craps may appear intimidating to new players and scare somebody off with its complex layout. But once you get into the theory and, most importantly, give the game of Craps a try — you are sure to get into it. Craps is the most social of all the casino games; Craps tables are always the noisiest on the floor.

But believe us, you don’t want to join the cheering crowd when you have no idea of what’s happening: confusion, uncertainty, and, most likely, money losses will follow. Start with learning the basics and going through the rules. Use free online tutorials on youtube and themed websites, go on to play free Craps games available online and in free mobile apps, and only after that try a real-money Craps game.

What are the best bets in Craps?

We don’t know what you personally mean by saying ‘the best bets’. Some people think that the best bets are the ones that pay out the most; for others, ‘the best’ equals the safest, with the most probable results. Here, we will talk about House Edge in Craps and probability.

The House Edge can be lower or higher in Craps: it fluctuates from as little as 0.42% to 16.67%, depending on the bet. The most advantageous bets for a player in terms of winning chances and House Edge are Pass Line/Come Bet and Don’t Pass/Come, but their payouts are the lowest: 1:1.

Another nice option is placing additional Odds bets: they have higher payouts and a 0% House Edge.

But all in all, the higher the payouts, the riskier the bets — that’s the rule casinos live by. We are not saying that no one should ever go for Proposition or Place Craps bets; we just want everyone to be aware.

We have described how these bets work above and will talk about the payouts and odds in our next paragraph. Stay tuned!

House Edge in Craps

We hope you understand that any existing casino game has a negative winning expectation. In simple words, every gambling game, including Craps, is designed with an implicit casino advantage called House Edge. Casinos take a ‘commission’ from each bet you place in any game. For us, players, it means that if we keep gambling for a long time, we will be losing rather than winning. Doesn’t sound too encouraging, does it?

The existence of House Edge doesn’t eliminate the fact that you can win a single Blackjack, Roulette, or Craps round. Of course, you can, but the odds of that happening depend on the game while the winning amount — on the embedded House Edge.

Craps are considered one of the best casino games, in terms of winning odds and low House edge. Only Blackjack can compete with Craps, but to have a comparative advantage, the player has to know the Blackjack Basic Strategy and Card Counting techniques perfectly well. And still, Craps has some bets with a more advantageous House Edge.

The House Edge can be lower or higher in Craps: it fluctuates from as little as 0.42% to 16.67%, depending on the bet.

So, here are the most common Craps bets, their odds, and payouts:

Casinos make their money from the difference between the true odds of each outcome (dice roll in Craps) and the payouts they make to winners.

You can calculate the probability of each number coming up in Craps using the formula:

  • target outcomes / total outcomes.

Total outcomes in Craps are 36 (there are 36 possible results for each dice roll). Target outcomes are the number of ways each dice outcome can be rolled. For example, 2 can be rolled only in one way: 1 + 1, while 7 – with 2+5, 3+4, 5+2, 4+3 — 4 different ways.

It will help you understand which outcomes in Craps are more likely to happen than the others and place your bets with a better understanding.

For example, 11 can be rolled in 2 ways — 5+6 and 6+5. We get 2/36 = 1/18. 1/18 is the probability of 11 coming up when you roll 2 dice.

Exclusive Bonuses for Craps Players

When you gamble at a trustworthy online casino, you always have a couple of bonus offers to choose from. The offers that apply to table games, including Craps online, are No Deposit free credits and Deposit match-up credits. They are free casino cash that can be used for buying virtual chips.

Occasionally, online casinos may give out bonus offers meant for table games only. It doesn’t happen too often because table games have a much lower casino House Edge, which makes them less beneficial than online pokies. That is why the most popular type of casino bonus is Free Spins — the promo that suits online pokies only. Slots are the game that brings the most profit to online (and offline) casinos.

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