Catchy Weekend

21/05/2021 — 23/05/2021

It’s the end of May. The time when is already a cool breeze ... But it is not so! There are the two hottest days ahead with the «Catchy Weekend» tournament. The winners will divide $300 among themselves, are you ready for that?! Come spin and get points for every bet. The more you get the better it for you – you should climb to the top of the tournament table and take the prize, shouldn’t you? Join the «Catchy Weekend» during 22-23 May and get ahead of everyone in this race!

300 AUD


Winner 1 place

Points: 12

120 AUD

Winner 2 place

Points: 11

80 AUD

Winner 3 place

Points: 2

50 AUD


1. A player who collected the maximum amount of points wins the tournament.
2. Points are earned for each bet. For example, if you make a 50$ bet, you will earn 50 points.
3. Winnings will be added to your real-money account.
4. Bets made until 2020-05-23 23:50 are taken into account.

  • Winner 1 place
    120 AUD gorni55
  • Winner 2 place
    80 AUD fjack.***
  • Winner 3 place
    50 AUD nesty575